Why do steroids cause acne?
The steroidal acne is a body reaction to the burst of the hormones in the blood. The high amount of the
androgens cause the intensive release of sebum, as a result, the pore clogging happens and purulent
pustules appear.
As a rule, severe acne appear on the back, and shoulders. It seldom touches the face.
How to avoid the problems with the skin?
First, it is necessary to terminate a course of the anabolic steroids and use the low-androgenic steroids
or legal steroids.
Do not take fast carbohydrates and fried food. Add more fiber to your menu.
Use products with neutral Ph level during a wash. Do not use products which dry out the skin.
Why do not legal anabolic steroids cause acne?
Only natural ingredients are used in the legal anabolic steroids. The additives are produced on the
factories following the technology and sanitary regulations.
The illegal steroids are often produced in the basements. They do not take care about the quality of the
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