Legal anabolic steroids VS Illiegal

Top legal anabolic steroids for the muscle gain and decrease of fat.  

 Why to pay attention to the legal anabolic steroids?  

It is quite simple. They do not have any side effects.  

 Illegal, real steroids have a long list of the side effects. Here are some of them:
Men Women
Alopecia and hair loss. Masculinization
Acne Clitoromegaly (the increase of clitoris)
Potency defect Hirsuties (excessive pilosis)
Gynecomastia Menstruation disorder
Infertility Decrease of the cup size
High blood pressure
Heart disorder

It is terrifying, isn’t it? 


The legal steroids do not have such side effects. This is the main difference!

 And one more thing, the prohibited steroids are illegal by law. One may be charged with a criminal offence for keeping them in some countries. 

You will not have these problems with legal steroids. The legal muscle pills may be ordered without any problems and used without any side effects and violations.   


Top legal anabolic steroids   

(Diananbol) is a legal alternative to the anabolic steroid DIANABOL. It is the most popular anabolic steroid.  Its aim is to blow up the growth of your muscle mass. Taking D-BOL, you will have a fast gain of the muscle mass and the increase of the physical abilities.  D-BOL contains protein, essential amino acids, and TRIBULUS that raises your own testosterone level without harming the health.  The additive works well mostly for men. D-BOL should be taken for at least 2 month. Then take a break for two weeks. D-BOL will give you a significant growth of the muscle mass and strength.  I recommend combining it with other legal steroids for highly effective result.  A combination of D-BOL with DecaDuro, Anadrole, and Trenorol will give a greater growth of your muscles and strength. The pictures with the results of the use of D-BOL may be found on the official website. 

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(Anavar, Oxandrolone) is a legal replacement of Oxandrolone. This is the legal steroid that may be used by not only men, but also women.   ANVAROL is often used to increase the definition during cutting. ANVAROL will help to keep the strength during the exhausting diets.   The drug does not have the side effects, and may be used with Winsol, and Clenbutrol. This combination will give a faster result.  It is recommended to take ANVAROL for at least 2 months, 3 capsules per day, after training. 

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(LEGAL CLENBUTEROL) is a drug to reduce fat and to increase the definition. CLENBUTROL makes your body to burn the accumulated fat. The additive will perfectly do for both men, and women. It does not have side effects. To increase effect, it may be taken with WINSOL. The course takes 2 months, and a break is taken for 2 weeks. 

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Review of the additives increasing the testosterone level

 Testosterone is the main hormone in the male body. Its amount in the blood directly depends on a human condition. Such symptoms as sleepiness, high fatigue, mood swings are an obvious sign of a low testosterone level. Testosterone is also responsible for the sexual function. A low libido is a sign of the low testosterone level.


There are many additives on the market to increase the testosterone level, but not all of them work. Test-Max from Crazy-Bulks works 100%, and many sportsmen use Testo-Max as a favorite products among all testosterone boosters. Testo-Max is a legal additive, a replacement of the exogenous testosterone.
Testo-Max effectively works without causing the side effects because it contains a well-designed mixture of the natural ingredients that is able to blow up your natural testosterone level.
The advantages of Test-Max are obvious. It is a legal additive, an alternative to SUSTANON, and it will increase your tolerance, strength, and activate the required muscle growth.
Moreover, Testo-Max is for sale without prescription, and there is a free delivery all over the world.
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